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MEWOI6000-Power Quality Analyzer

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MEWOI6000-Power Quality Analyzer

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: MEWOI
Certification: CE
Model Number: MEWOI6000
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 1-399
Packaging Details: BOX
Delivery Time: 2 Weeks Based on MOQ50pcs
Payment Terms: T/T in advance
Supply Ability: 20000pcs Per Month


 MEWOI6000 power quality analyzer is a product carefully developed by our company and specially designed for field test of three phases, multi-functional and intelligent, man-machine operation and concise and comprehensive test instrument. It is easy to use, large LCD screen display, high resolution, interface in both Chinese and English, shock-proof shell structure and so on. Can simultaneously measure the 4-channel current (ABC three phase and neutral wire current), 4-channel voltage (ABC three-phase voltage and neutral line voltage to ground), the peak value of current voltage, maximum/minimum value over a period, three-phase imbalance factor, short-time voltage flicker, transformer K factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and displacement power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, total harmonic distortion and harmonic, etc; Display real-time waveform, harmonic ratio bar charts of current voltage; Dynamically capture instantaneous change of voltage current, monitoring starting current, monitoring the power parameters and generate the alarm list, generate the trend chart for a long time record test data.

MEWOI6000 power quality analyzer adopt DSP + ARM double processor architecture, DSP is use for data collection and the processing of algorithm, the ARM is use for the communication protocol and the man-machine interface processing; Analog signal acquisition is by 2 pieces AD7655 of ADI company. Resolution for AD7655 is 16 bit and it is 4 channel synchronous sampling. The highest sampling rate can reach 1 MSPS, to ensure the accuracy of the channel and the information integrity, and wouldn’t miss any transient changes in the grid, can more accurate to detect the transient waveform rising and dropping drastically, and waveform instantaneous interrupt; DSP working frequency is over 200 MHZ, to be able to timely monitoring of the power grid and dynamically adjust the sampling frequency to realize synchronization of power frequency and sampling frequency; Using a 5.6 -inch LCD color screen display, a resolution of 640 dots x 480 dots, with different display color difference between the parameters of phase, waveform, vector diagram, harmonic ratio, the user can be more efficient and more intuitive understand the state of power grid parameters. Built-in flash memory can store 60 group of screenshots at the same time, 150 groups of capture transient voltage/current waveform figure, and 12800 groups of alarm list. Starting current detection model can continuously capture starting current waveform for 100 s. Built-in 2G memory card to store the trend curve record, store all the parameters (including 50 harmonics with 123 power parameters), collect data for once every five seconds, trend curve records can be stored for 300 days.

Ⅱ.Function Specification


Function specification








Test Function

4 channel voltage and the 4 channel current waveform real-time display
True RMS of voltage and current
DC component of Voltage
Peak value of current and voltage
Minimum/maximum values over a period of time of Current and voltage
Phasor diagram display
Measurement of harmonic of each phase, up to 50 harmonics
Display harmonics ratio of current and voltage of each phase
The calculation of total harmonic distortion(THD)
Active/reactive/apparent power value and gross of each phase
Active/reactive/apparent electric energy value and gross of each phase
Calculation of transformer K factor
Calculation of COSΦ displacement power factor(DPF) and power factor(PF)
Calculation of flicker
Calculation of three phase unbalance

Function of capture and monitoring

Can monitoring instantaneous change of power grid voltage current parameters, including 

the voltage fluctuation and flicker, voltage surge, sag and short supply interruption, temporary

 overvoltage and harmonics. Instruments and can store 150 groups of transient waveform

Function of starting current monitoring

Can monitor the startup current when electrical equipment is starting, help to correctly design

 capacity. It can display the trend curve of effective value of starting current, the starting current 

envelope curve, current voltage waveform of the all eight channel. Monitoring for 100 s, can store 

each cycle of all waveform curve points within 100 s .

Function of storage

Can totally record 123 parameters such as the testing parameter of base testing function(Urms,


VA,PF,Cos φ,Tan φ),50 harmonics of voltage, 50 harmonic of current. Generate trend curve, the 

interval time of recording is able to set, collect once for 5s and can stored 75days.

Alarm function

Users can set up 40 groups alarm monitoring project, each group can set different judgments 

parameters (including 50 harmonics a total of 123 different parameters), can be set different 

alarm threshold, how long it will take to produce the alarm when over the critical value is can 

be set, etc. Can store up to a maximum of 12800 set alarm record.

Screenshots function

In any test page screenshots can store the current screen, automatically records the time and 

test mode at the same time. Such as save the current voltage wave, harmonic bar charts and 

phasor diagram, etc. Screenshots can be saved up to 60 groups.

Communication function

Communicate with computer by USB interface, monitoring software can display waveform of 

power quality analysis, able to read those has been detected and captured like transient waveform,

 trend curve record, alarm list, test screenshots, etc.


Setting function

The user can set the time and date, set the display contrast ratio and brightness, set each 

corresponding color of each phase line in the instrument

The connection mode of instruments and the grid type can be set

Can select different current clamp and different voltage test strain ratio
Can be selected menu in Chinese or English menu

Chinese/English help menu

Each phase of the operation may at any time by pressing "help" key for related information

Technical Specification

1. General specification

Power supply

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack 9.6V, 4500mAH , backup charger

Battery indicator

Battery symbol       shows dump energy, When the voltage is too low, automatic 

shutdown after the 1 minute

Power consumption

Current consumption of normal test 490mA, continuous working for 8 hours
Close the LCD low-power monitoring mode170mA, battery continuous working for 20hours

Display mode

LCD color screen,640dots×480dots ,5.6 inches, display demo:116mm×88mm

Instrument dimensions

LxWxT:240mm×170mm×68 mm

Size of clamp

008B current clamp:7.5mm×13mm; 040B current clamp:35mm×40mm; 068B 

current clamp: 68mm×68mm

Number of channels


Line voltage


Phase voltage



008B current clamp 10mA~10.0A; 040 current clamp 0.10A~100A; 068B current clamp 

1.0A~1000A; Optional Current Clamp,input current 1mA ~ 500mA



Parameters of electricity

W, VA, var, PF, DPF, cos φ, tan φ

power parameter

Wh, varh, Vah



Total harmonic distortion 0~50 times, each phase


Waveform model, harmonic model, Power and power energy mode, Waveform 

capture mode, Trend chart pattern, alarm mode , Screen mode

Set number of Transient record



300 days(recode 20 sets parameter at the same time, recode one point in 5 seconds)

Min/Max records

Can be measured maximum minimum value over a period of time


40 different types of parameter selection,12800set warning record

Phasor diagram display


Capacity of screenshots


Language of manual

Chinese and English



Automatically shutdown

At alarm/trend chart records/transient capture mode (pending or ongoing), 5 minutes 

without keystrokes, monitoring instruments automatically into low power mode, press any key to activate.

In other test mode, 15 minutes without keystrokes, prompt automatic shutdown after 1 minute

Quality of the instrument

6Kg(with package)

length of test line

Current clamp cable:2M; Voltage Cable: 3M

Working temperature

-10℃~40℃; below 80%Rh

Working humidity

-10℃~60℃; below 80%Rh

Input impedance

Input impedance for the test voltage:1MΩ

Withstand voltage

Can withstand 3700V / 50Hz sinusoidal ac voltage for 1 minute between Instrument wiring and the shell


Between instrument wiring and shell≥10MΩ


Double insulation, vibration-proof jacket with insulation

Safety rules

IEC 61010 1000V Cat III / 600V CAT IV,IEC61010-031,IEC61326,pollusion 2


Host:1pcs; Case:1pcs; Current Clamp: 008B,040B,068B 4PCS(3*4=12PCS); Cable:5pcs

(yellow, green, red, blue, black ); Alligator clip 5pcs; Pin 5pcs; Charger 1pcs; Soft ware 1pcs; 

2Gmemory card(in host) 1pcs.

2. Accuracy of instruction (under the base condition)

Measurement specification


Display resolution

The maximum error in the range of the reference

Frequency 40Hz~70Hz 0.01Hz


True RMS phase voltage 1.0V~1000V Min resolution0.1V


True RMS line voltage 1.0V~2000V Min resolution0.1V ±(0.5%+5dgt)
DC Voltage 1.0V~1000V Min resolution0.1V


True RMS current 10.0mA~1000A Min resolution0.1mA


Phase voltage peak 1.0V~1414V Min resolution0.1V


Line voltage peak 1.0V~2828V Min resolution0.1V


Current peak 0.0mA~1414A Min resolution0.1mA


Peak factor 1.00~3.99 0.01


4.00~9.99 0.01


Active power 0.000W~9999.9KW Min resolution 0.001W



Reactive power

Inductive & Capacitive

0.000VAR~9999.9KVAR Min resolution 0.001VAR



Apparent power 0.000VA~9999.9KVA Min resolution 0.001VA

±(1+3dgt %)

Power factor -1.000~1.000 0.001



Active energy 0.000Wh~9999.9MWh Min resolution 0.001Wh



Reactive energy

Inductive & Capacitive

0.000VARh~9999.9MVARh Min resolution 0.001VARh



Apparent power 0.000VA~9999.9MVAh Min resolution 0.001VAh


Phase angle -179°~180°


Tan φ(VA≥50VA) -32.76~32.76 Min resolution 0.001


The displacement power factor (DPF) -1.000~1.000 0.001


Harmonicratio(Vrms>50V) 0.0 %~99.9 % 0.1 %


Harmonic Angle(Vrms>50V) -179°~180°



Rate of total harmonic

(DF or THD-F)≤50

0.0 %~99.9 % 0.1 %


Distortion factor

(DF or THD-R)≤50

0.0 %~99.9 % 0.1 %


Transformer K factor 1.00~99.99 0.01

± (5 %)

Three-phase imbalance 0.0%~100 % 0.1 % ± (1 %)

3. Feature of current clamp


True RMS current

Max error True RMS current

Max error of Phase Angle Φ




±(1 % + 3dgt)



±(1 % + 3dgt)





±(1 % + 3dgt)



±(1 % + 3dgt)





±(2 % + 3dgt)



±(2 % + 3dgt)


Selection Guide

Model Range Resolution clamp size RS232 Data Storge
MEWOI3000B+MEWOI3000B+ 0.01Ω-200Ω     0.01Ω



optional  99sets
MEWOI3100B+MEWOI3100B+001.jpg ø32mm
MEWOI3000+MEWOI3000B+002.jpg 0.01Ω-1200Ω    0.01Ω



optional  99sets
MEWOI3100+MEWOI3100B+003.jpg ø32mm







optional  99sets
MEWOI3100D+MEWOI3100B+005.jpg ø32mm
MEWOI3800CMEWOI3800C006.jpg 0.01Ω-200Ω     0.01Ω



Appoint with RS485 communication interface, provide standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol ×
MEWOI3800DMEWOI3800D_007.jpg 0.01Ω-200Ω   0.01Ω






0.01Ω,1V   400sets

earth resistance:


soil resistivity:







earth resistance:0.01Ω~30.00KΩ;AC Leakage current: 0.00mA~600A; 

soil resistivity:0.01Ωm~9000KΩm;Earth Voltage:0.0~100.0V,dual clamp: 0.01Ω-100Ω





ø68mm 2000sets


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